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Zenith 750 Cruzer I will need to trim the top and bottom edges of the fairing and I need to know where to trim. I laid out a piece of masking tape on the workbench and sliced off a strip about 1/8" wide.

Then I used that strip and stuck it in the middle of the fairing.

Zenith 750 Cruzer Using that tape line, I measured up and down one inch and made a mark.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Then I connected all the dot to form a line.
Zenith 750 Cruzer With the lines drawn, It was finally time to remove the fairing from the plane! Here it is!
Zenith 750 Cruzer I rough trimmed the edges.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Here the fairing is all trimmed and installed. By "installed" I mean held on with tape!
Zenith 750 Cruzer I trimmed the bottom edge about 1/8 from the line just to leave a little extra until I see where the screws will go that hold it on. If I need to, I can trim that last 1/8" off later.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Look how awesome it looks!!
Zenith 750 Cruzer Smooth and perfect.

Notice all the gunk from the duct tape. I'll have to get some MEK and remove all that, but I'll wait until the windshield is removed-don't want to get MEK on that windshield!!