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Zenith Cruzer My dad was here in Michigan for the last few days so we did a lot of flying in the Cherokee and some work on the Cruzer.

Here is the lower engine mount installed.

If you are wondering, the engine mount is powder coated and the rest is painted. I got lucky that the grey I picked to powder coat matched the color of grey paint perfectly!

Zenith Cruzer This is the upper engine mount.
Zenith Cruzer I temporarily installed the steering pushrods because soon I will be routing fuel lines and brake lines and I want to make sure nothing interferes with anything else.
Zenith Cruzer The gear leg is powder coated white. I really wanted to chrome the nose gear leg since the main gear will be polished to look like chrome, but some say there may be issues with hydrogen embritlement which can make the metal brittle...or so they say.

Personally I think it would be just fine chromed but for me, it was just easier to get it powder coated with the rest of my steel parts.

I have just riveted the firewall too.

Zenith Cruzer There are plates I have to install that cover the large oval openings in the firewall. The only problem is I can't find them! I had them with all the other nose gear parts and now they seemed to have disappeared.

NOTE: This is important-notice I have nylon locking nuts shown here temp installed. For final assembly these will be removed and replaced with steel locking nuts. NO nylon on the engine side of the firewall!!

Zenith Cruzer This is just showing the bottom of the nose gear mount.
Zenith Cruzer This is the flapper disk I used to open the hole in the nylon bushing for the torque tube. I bought it at Home Depot and it is 1 and 1/8" in diameter-the same diameter as the bushing. It's also 120 grit.

I mounted it in the drill press and pressed it into the nylon bushing. I moved the pushing all around to open the hole slightly and after a while it was perfect. It really worked nicely and makes the torque tube as smooth as can be.

Zenith Cruzer Here's the bushing and bulkhead in the plane.
Zenith Cruzer It goes through both bulkheads now and rotates absolutely freely with no tightness or binding.

It's exciting that this torque tube is installed. It was super tight before I used the flapper disk and everyone had different solutions on how to fix this issue. That disk cost $8 and was worth every penny!

Now it's on to brake lines and fuel lines and I can start to close up the baggage area.