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Zenith Cruzer I added these bellcranks to both sides. Once I install the long pushrods that go up to the flaperons I can start closing this area up.
Zenith Cruzer I had to turn the fuselage sideways so I could clear up some area on the workbench to work on the forward fuse. This is a little bit of a hassle because I have to duck under the fuse everytime I need to use the drill press or get a tool, etc...
Zenith Cruzer There's four little L tabs that need drilled on each side.
Zenith Cruzer I started fitting the very forward skin, but it's a poor fit and decided to mess with it later.
Zenith Cruzer As you can see, the two skins don't exactly match up.
Zenith Cruzer Leaving the skins behind until later, I moved on to the rudder pedals.
Zenith Cruzer These brackets were cleaned up and edge finished and then fit and drilled to the bottom skin.
Zenith Cruzer I clamped it in place (see previous pic) and then traced the hole from the bottom. Then I took the bracket to the drill press and drilled the two holes. Here it is clecoed back in place.
Zenith Cruzer This is the pilot side. I will need to drill these holes larger to fit AN-3 bolts.
Zenith Cruzer Since the rudder pedals are installed, I might as well drill the brake cylinder brackets too.
Zenith Cruzer Again, I lined them up, traced the holes through the bottom skin, drilled, and clecoed in place. These holes get opened up for an A5 rivet.
Zenith Cruzer I added this washer to the inside of the bracket between the bracket and the brake cylinder. I had to do this because I needed to move the bracket (the one on the right side of the pic) out towards the outside of the plane a bit to get the proper edge distance on the hole. Once I mount everything, I probably don't need to install the washer, but I used it here for alignment.
Zenith Cruzer Brackets for both cylinders are complete. These brackets probably only took 20 minutes to drill and mount. There's no rocket science here...

I think the next step is to drill the hinges for the brake pedals. Then I can take the steel parts and have them powder-coated.