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Zenith Cruzer The left wing wingtip is done. There's a fairly large gap around the leading edge, but it seems that every picture I've found of others have the same gap. So, I didn't worry about it. I just installed the wingtip and I'm moving on.
Zenith Cruzer Next I need to mount and wire the nav/strobe light.

I spent the next hour or so just cleaning and organizing the garage. I also got a bunch of stuff done on the right wing.

You can see in this pic above that the right wing top skin is on the floor under the wing. That skin was primed and then clecoed to the wing, the fuel return line was cut to size and flaired, and the opening on the bottom of the inboard trailing edge skin was cut. An access cover was made, and the nutplates riveted to the skin. No pics were taken because it was all documented for the left wing if you want to see how I did it. [click here for that page]

Later that night I returned to the (nice and clean) workshop and started mounting the nav/strobe lights in both wingtips...

Zenith Cruzer AEROLED's include a paper template with their nav/strobe lights. I cut it out and taped it to the wingtip so I could drill the holes for the mounting plate.
Zenith Cruzer I drilled through the paper and into the plastic.
Zenith Cruzer The next step was to bolt on the little metal clip that actually holds the lights, but I first need to buy three 6/32 countersunk screws for the clip. But just for fun, I placed the light into position just to see how it looks. It looks great!