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I've started fitting the cowl. The bottom cowl is clamped in place.
I taped 3 tongue depressors together to form the 3/16" space between the cowl and the spinner.
The bottom cowl fits nicely, but the top doesn't want to fit at all.
These two cowl pieces fit terribly together. Right now I'm not even sure how I'm going to get these to fit. I've learned though that nothing is easy in airplane building.

When I first started wiring the panel I though it was impossible and it didn't make any sense. But the more I dove into it and read the manuals and studied it, the more it made sense.

So with the cowl, right now it seems like they just don't want to go together. But I'm guessing that the more I play with them and get used to working with them, that eventually they will fit nicely.