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Zenith Cruzer I still have to add the small ground wire from the fuel tank. I wiped away a little area of primer...
Zenith Cruzer ...then cut a circle out of masking tape and placed it over the rivet hole. Next I spayed more primer to clean it up...
Zenith Cruzer Then removed the tape. It didn't get the nice perfect circle like I wanted, but who cares...
Zenith Cruzer When I rivet the rounded L angle to the front of the spar, I'll attach the ground wire with the rivet. The other end gets riveted to the tab on the tank.
Zenith Cruzer Next I made the L stiffener that goes under the root skin.
Zenith Cruzer As you can see I fluted the L to match the curve of the skin. Using a straight L would work, but why not make it perfect and match the curve of the skin??
Zenith Cruzer Holes are drilled out for the A4 rivets.
Zenith Cruzer See how the skin curves?
Zenith Cruzer I played around with the darn wingtip again. There's just no way to get rid of this gap. I have the same gap between the skin and the nose ribs too, but I just could not pull the skin any tighter. So I think I'll just have to live with this gap on the tip.