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Zenith Cruzer WOO-HOO I'm back in business! I finally received my parts from Zenith and got them match drilled to the wing.
Zenith Cruzer Drilled nicely this time.
Zenith Cruzer Now that I'm taking the entire wing apart to debur, scuff, and prime, I wanted to match these two strut attach fittings together so that I can drill the hole in the other one and have it match perfectly.
Zenith Cruzer The two holes on the left are the one that I will match drill to the other.
Zenith Cruzer It's weird not having a wing in the garage anymore. Now I just have a pile of parts to prep for priming.
Zenith Cruzer Look at all these parts!
Zenith Cruzer Most of the holes are already deburred and all the edges are finished. I just have to scuff and prime them all.