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Zenith Cruzer I installed this doubler on both sides.
Zenith Cruzer The flap motor mount is riveted in place.
Zenith Cruzer Torque tube in place. I don't like how tight it is to rotate. It's greased up and it's as loose as I could get it, but it's still a little stiff to rotate by hand.
Zenith Cruzer It rotated nicely when it was not installed in the fuselage. But when it's installed, it pushes the sides of the fuse out a tiny bit which makes it stiffer to rotate. I think the friction is coming from the tabs. Zenith should have welded them on about 1 mm further inboard so they are not pressing so hard against the green nylon.
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer The flap motor is installed. Still needs a cotter pin and notice there is no nut on the adjustable end. That will still need adjusted later once the wings are installed.

I hooked the motor up to a car battery and ran it back and forth-works nice!