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Zenith Cruzer I finished priming all of the ribs. All of the wing parts are now primed except the wing skins.

As you can see from my log entries for the right wing, I only prime the skins where the ribs touch.

Zenith Cruzer Here's the set up I'm using. I'm spraying the parts with NAPA 7220 self-etching primer. I have a fan set up with a filter to catch as much overspray as I can. The hair dryer dries the primer in a few seconds.

I should say that the hair dryer dries the primer "to the touch"-it is not fully cured for a week or so. That's why after I prime, I let the parts sit for a week or two before I rivet them together.

Zenith Cruzer I do go through a lot of filters as they fill up with overspray fairly quickly.

Also, not shown in the photos is the Citation HVLP I'm using for fresh air. I have the HVLP set up outside with the long hose running through the door to a face mask. You DO NOT want to breathe these vapors!

Dang-I just remembered I still have to scuff and prime the 10,000 wing skins stiffeners yet!!