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Zenith Cruzer Yesterday evening I worked a little more in the garage and edge finished and match drilled to the ribs these two flaperon brackets. I still have to finish the other two, but didn't really feel like doing them.

It's pretty warm outside today so I'm taking advantage of that and I primed these parts.

Zenith Cruzer Today I'm scuffing and priming as I go. So I scuffed these ribs, cleaned them up, and then primed them.

I still have to scuff and prime a zillion other parts for this wing, but I'm taking a break!

Zenith Cruzer I also primed these rear spars and doublers.
Zenith Cruzer I scuffed and primed some more parts this evening.
Zenith Cruzer I still have the aft ribs to scuff and prime, and the skins. After that, I'll let them sit for a week and then rivet this wing together to bring it to the same point as the other wing.

Then I can work on installing the fuel system and the wingtips with the nav/strobe lights.