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Zenith Cruzer

I'm on hold with the rudder until I receive my #20 drill bits. So today dad and I started on the horiz stab.

Here I'm edge finishing a doubler plate for the stab on a scotchbright wheel.

Zenith Cruzer

All the pieces were deburred and edge finished. While dad was deburring I was rounding sharp corners and smoothing the edges.

Zenith Cruzer Laying out the parts.
Zenith Cruzer

All done! Now I have to take it all apart, scuff the pieces, and prime them.

Later same day...  
Zenith Cruzer

While my dad is in town, we are trying to get as much done as possible. So today we went back out to the garage and prepped all of the elevator pieces.

It's really nice having two people here working. One person can debur, and the other can edge finish.

All of the pieces here are finished and ready.

Zenith Cruzer I'm deburring the skins...
Zenith Cruzer

Elevators are clecoed together. That's all for tonight. The next step was to cut an "L" bracket but I don't know what an L bracket is. I also don't have a millimeter ruler.