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Zenith Cruzer Yesterday I installed the bottom skins. Today I removed the bottom skins and installed the top skins so I could match drill the eight L brackets between the ribs.

Once I drilled these to #40 I removed them all and match drilled them to the L brackets for the left wing! So once I'm ready for the left wing, they will all be ready to go!

Zenith Cruzer Here they are installed and drilled to #30.
Zenith Cruzer Now it's time for the leading edge skins.
Zenith Cruzer Inboard one installed...
Zenith Cruzer outboard one installed.
Zenith Cruzer Next step is to drill all the holes in the spar. First I made sure the rear spar was parallel to the main spar. I don't want to build a twist into the wing.
Zenith Cruzer All holes drilled to $40. Next I'll open them to #30 and then #20.