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Zenith Cruzer This is the top of the center console. Instead of drilling it up from the bottom, I've made this L angle to attach it to the steel cross-tube.

The L is riveted to the top of the center console with two flush rivets.

Zenith Cruzer Then I re-installed the center console in the fuselage and aligned my center marks. I used tape to hold it there while I drill from the back.
Zenith Cruzer From this view from the back of the panel, you can see the two holes I drilled to attach it.
Zenith Cruzer I installed the engine mount and used some Home Depot nuts to secure it.
Zenith Cruzer Then I drilled the two top holes through the fuse steel cage, the firwall, and the engine mount. I previously drilled the holes in the steel cage so I match drilled through the cage to the engine mount.
Zenith Cruzer See the two holes without rivets? I can't install the rivets because the green nylon piece is in the way.

So don't install this nylon piece until you rivet the plate on!

Zenith Cruzer The two bolts are actually not in the way-the rivets hit the nylon part. Once they are pulled, then the clearance is fine.