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Zenith Cruzer This is something that really bugged me even before I got my kit. I looked at a few builder's logs online and saw how this is designed.

This is insane to me. Placing the control horn over the C clip in the back and then forcing the rivets to pull the thin skin up to the horn and bend around the C clip, is just begging for stress cracks to develop! Especially if the builder didn't round the sharp 90 degree corners of the little C clip.

Look close-notice I did round the corners? I round the corners on every single piece that has a 90 degree corner.

Zenith Cruzer Same thing with the lower control cable horn.
Zenith Cruzer I could not sleep at night if I was putting that kind of stress on the skin. I made a spacer the same thickness as the C clip...
Zenith Cruzer ...that fits under the control horns and counter-balance arm...
Zenith Cruzer ...match drilled #20 holes in them...
Zenith Cruzer ...and now the control horn and counter-balance horn fit perfectly with no stress anywhere.
Zenith Cruzer Look how perfect!
Zenith Cruzer Next I match drilled the trim tab hinge.
Zenith Cruzer done...but...
Zenith Cruzer I have this much space on this side...
Zenith Cruzer ...and this much space on this side! I DID have the tab perfectly centered, but it must have moved when I was trying to hold it and drill it. My dad left MI today and headed home to PA. It's HIS fault! If he was here this would not have happened.

There goes Grand Champion! LOL.

I also spent some time opening holes up to #20 since I just got some drill bits.