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Zenith Cruzer When I took the wing apart the other day to prep the parts for primer, I forgot that I still had to fit the strut attachment pieces.

I clecoed the wing together and that's what I worked on so far this morning.

Zenith Cruzer Just like the right wing, I had to notch this piece out to fit under the strut attach fitting.
Zenith Cruzer I'll file it a little bit more...
Zenith Cruzer Notice that 7 holes are drilled to 3/16" instead of 5/32". This is because of the very poor alignment of Zenith's "computer controlled pre-drilled holes"!!

Once again they don't line up. All of these holes were first drillled out to 5/32" but the holes were pretty oval. So I drilled them up one size and will use A6 rivets.


Zenith Cruzer As I was fitting all these parts together, I notice how much larger the doubler was than the strut attach bracket.

Thinking this might be a problem later when I attach the strut, I grabbed the strut piece and slid it on to test it...

Zenith Cruzer ...and of course I was right. Because the doubler is so large, I couldn't slide the strut fitting on all the way. As you can see it still has another 1/8" to go.
Zenith Cruzer You can see from the side view that the doubler is now up against the part of the big strut end fitting where it curves. This was as far as I could slide it on.
Zenith Cruzer So I traced around the curve and drew two lines to the corners...
Zenith Cruzer After cutting and filing, now it fits as it should.
Zenith Cruzer Looks nice, huh?