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Zenith Cruzer I spent a few hours deburing thousands of holes in the two rear spar, the spar doublers, and the spar splice. I also had to edge finish all the pieces.

Here the rear spar is clecoed to the wing.

Zenith Cruzer Unless you know what it is, you can't even see it but the spar doubler is is shown here.
Zenith Cruzer This is the wing tip extension. Eight of the holes get drilled out to #21 for A6 rivets.
Zenith Cruzer THe rear spar tip gets this little bracket that has to be cut and drilled. Anytime I make a bracket for this wing, I also make the bracket for the other wing. So I made two of these.
Zenith Cruzer The main spar extension gets a bracket made also. Again, I cut two of them so the other one is ready for the left wing.
Zenith Cruzer I cut 8 of these flaperon L brackets. Each wing needs 4, so why not make them all and have them ready once I build the other wing.