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Zenith Cruzer Organizing the nose ribs.
Zenith Cruzer Each rib needs edge finished and the sharp corners rounded.
Zenith Cruzer The large holes also need edge finished.
Zenith Cruzer Clecoing the ribs to the spar.
Zenith Cruzer This rib had to be slightly trimmed to fit on the bottom.
Zenith Cruzer The flange also had to be cut back on the top.
Zenith Cruzer Getting the main ribs organized, deburred, edge finished, etc...
Zenith Cruzer Looks like a wing already!
Zenith Cruzer These flaperon brackets required a TON of work to edge finish. The holes are also matched drilled to the rib.
Zenith Cruzer This is the wing tie-down that gets match drilled to the nose rib.