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Zenith Cruzer It's starting to get cold in the hangar! I'm finally grinding the slots in the main gear to fit around the gear attach brackets on the fuse.
Zenith Cruzer Then I use a scotbright wheel to smooth it all out.
Zenith Cruzer I have to drill two 1/2" holes in this aluminum angle just perfectly so that the two studs fit! Not sure how to do that.
Zenith Cruzer Here is how I drilled the holes with perfect results: first I measured the OUTSIDE distance of the two studs.
Zenith Cruzer Your measurements might be different so be sure to make your own, but mine came out at 6.2115.
Zenith Cruzer Since each stud is 1/2" I need to subtract 1/4" from each stud to get to the middle. So....subtract a total of 1/2". Here you can see I subtracted 1/2".
Zenith Cruzer I already had the centerline drawn on the angle, so drew one line 20mm from the edge, and then used the calipers to mark the other line 5.7115 inches from the first line. I VERY carefully drilled the #40 pilot holes.

NOTE: you must get the drill bit EXACTLY on the crosshairs or everything will be off. Take your time and just barely touch the drillbit (in a drill press) to the metal to see where the point leaves a mark. When it's exactly on the crosshairs, drill away!

Zenith Cruzer I drilled a #40 pilot hole, then a #30, and then a #20 hole. Then I used the unibit to drill up to 1/2".


Zenith Cruzer It fit perfectly. I will note that I had to run a 1/2" drill bit through the holes to open them up a hair to fit over the threads. I guess the 1/2" drill bit is ever so slightly larger than the 1/2" unibit.

Next I just need to trim the angle 20mm from the center of the other hole.

Zenith Cruzer Now, before I did any drilling on the angles shown above, I did the exact same drilling procedure on a scrap piece of aluminum to test the measurements and the technique.

I just need to build the tires/wheels and I can finally get this plane on the gear and off the workbench. That's exciting!!