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Zenith Cruzer Here's my plan so far for the center console. As you can see I've drilled the hole and installed the key switch.

To the right of that is the parking brake.

Under the brake, I will have four of those small round black switches for:

nav lights
strobe lights
landing light

The big circle is for the Andair fuel selector valve.

Zenith Cruzer I've decided to mount the two cabin heat push/pull cables on the far right side of the panel. These are two controls that will hardly ever get touched. Half of the year they will be "ON" and the other half of the year they will be "OFF".

So they don't need to be super easy to get to if I'm only pulling or pushing them once a year.

They will be mounted on the right side of the panel along with the circuit breakers, USB port, Master Arm switch, bomb release, and any other little odd thing I might want to install.