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Zenith Cruzer Installing the center console requires way more planning than you might think. In order to mount the center console, I need to know what's going to go in it so I can drill the holes.

I know for sure the Andair fuel selector valve will go there, and so will the key switch. I'd like the parking brake to go there too as well as the switches for the lights but I'm not sure there will be enough room for everything. I also want the cabin heat controls to go there too!

Everything is dependant on everything else it seems. So I need to step back and plan out the panel so I can determine where things need to be placed.

As you see here, I printed out full size color pictures of the planned Dynon panel.

To the left is the throttle control, and right above that is the trim.

Having the trim placed where it is, I'll be able to fly the airplane during an approach where I would have one hand on the throttle and one on the control stick. With the trim switch positioned above the throttle, I can use my finger to adjust the trim as the speed decreases in the pattern. The square next to the throttle is the flap switch. I am using the switch from AircraftSpecialty.com that is shown here. Again, with my hand on the throttle, I should be able to use my thumb and raise and lower the flaps. I know the UL Power has some lights and switches that are used to run and monitor the engine, and those will go above the EFIS.
Zenith Cruzer I noticed that with my cabin heat kit (of which there are NO instructions!!) there are two push/pull cables. Looking at the parts I'm assuming that there is a separate pilot and passenger control.

Looking at the heat muff, my guess is that the center hole is for inlet air, and the two others outside holes are for the two flapper valves shown here.

I will plan on placing both of these controls somewhere on the panel or center console.

Zenith Cruzer I forgot to take any pics during the process, but I now have the left and right horiz stab tips mounted.
Zenith Cruzer I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.  I will admit though-this is my second pair of tips! When I first got the kit and built the horiz stab I drilled the plastic tips and when I was done realized I mounted them really crooked.

Here's my log page with that story...

Zenith Cruzer Left side.
Zenith Cruzer When you drill the tips, pull the tips forward and they will sit perfectly around the aluminum stab.
Zenith Cruzer Riveted and looking great.
Zenith Cruzer On the aft part of the top and bottom of the tips, I placed the rivets right across from where the rivets are on the elevator. It's just a small detail that makes the airplane look pleasing.