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Zenith Cruzer I used these nylon 'loops' with a short piece of brake line tubing to hold the nav/strobe wire to the rear spar.
Zenith Cruzer This holds it perfectly and is nice and neat.
Zenith Cruzer Riveted the outboard trailing edge piece to the left wing. I'm ready to start on the wingtip on this wing now.
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer I'm working on fitting the wingtips but this is going to be easier with two people.
Zenith Cruzer There's a space on the front and I need one person to pull the tip forward as far as possible while the other one drills the holes in the tips. The space won't completely go away, but I can reduce the gap a bit.
Zenith Cruzer Rough fit of both pieces. I'm planning on riveting the aft piece and using small sheet metal screws in the plastic for the front piece. That way I'd have future access if I ever need it.