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There's not a lot I can do on the Cruzer until I get some parts. I just ordered an ELT and a transponder antenna. Once I get those I can mount them in the fuselage.

I also bought a swagging tool to make the swaged ends of the elevator and rudder control cables.

From Andair, I've ordered a fuel valve specific to my engine installation. Here's what I need to do, in order, once the parts arrive:

1. attach the rudder cables to the pedals
2. once the rudder cables are installed, I can route the fuel lines around the rudder cables and up to the Andair fuel selector valve.
3. once the fuel lines are run, I can mount the parking brake and route the brake lines around the fuel lines.
4. build and route the elevator control cables.
5. I still need to drill and mount the horizontal stab plastic tips. I can do this at any time.

Zenith Cruzer While I'm waiting for parts, I'm trying to find little tasks I can do to keep the project moving along. This piece here holds the battery on the firewall. I rounded the corners and drilled the mounting holes.
Zenith Cruzer This piece wraps around the battery and gets bolted to the firewall. Notice the corners are 90 degrees...
Zenith Cruzer I don't want any 90 degree corners on this airplane. Not only are they a place for cracks to form, but later on they can snag your shirt sleeve or your skin while trying to perform any maintenance.
Zenith Cruzer Here it is complete. Just need a battery but since it will be another 2 years until this place flies, I'll wait to buy the battery.
Zenith Cruzer I drilled and installed the rudder cable fairleads on this bulkhead.
Zenith Cruzer Here's the back of the bulkhead where you can see the two white plastic fairleads.