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Zenith Cruzer I installed the nutplates around the large opening in the bottom skin. Note that I did this correctly by dimpling the holes and installing flush rivets. I don't know why Zenith uses domed rivets on parts that are suppose to be flush??
Zenith Cruzer L angles are now riveted.
Zenith Cruzer Here's the inside of the bottom skin.
Zenith Cruzer Only a few rivet get pulled in these corner gussets.
Zenith Cruzer Getting the bottom longeron fit in the proper position on the right side of the fuselage.
Zenith Cruzer Started drilling the top lingeron.
Zenith Cruzer Here's the R side fuselage. All the L angles are cut to fit.
Zenith Cruzer And now they are all drilled. Tomorrow is debur, scuff, prime day...