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Zenith Cruzer Here's the trailing edge on the wing. This is looking up from the bottom where I made a cutout for future access to the fuel lines.
Zenith Cruzer The access cover is just clecoed on to check fit. Looks nice (I just have to trim the inboard edge when I see how the wing fits up against the fuselage.
Zenith Cruzer Same view just pulled back a little more.
Zenith Cruzer The top skins are ready to rivet but I melted my air hose from the compressor! It got too close to the kerosine heater. I'll make a trip to Harbor Junk and buy another one today.
Later that day...  
Zenith Cruzer I decided to use this style nylon 'thingy' to hold the nav wire.
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer And the top skins are riveted! I still have to prime the edges of the outboard trailing edge piece.
Zenith Cruzer After the trailing edge piece, I'll work on the wingtips and then the root section.
Zenith Cruzer Lookin' nice!
Zenith Cruzer Easy access to the fuel lines, nav/strobe wire, and the pitot/static tubes.