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Zenith Cruzer So far today we are getting a lot done on the Left wing. It is so much faster when two people are working instead of just one.

First thing we did was match drill the spar extension.

Zenith Cruzer Then we clecoed all the ribs together.
Zenith Cruzer Make sure you pay attention to the aft ribs. Some of them have holes for the flaperon brackets and need to go in a certain location. We clecoed it together and realized later (before we drilled anything) that two of them were in the wrong spot.
Zenith Cruzer Fabricated this little doubler.
Zenith Cruzer Ready for the skins.
Zenith Cruzer Wing is now upside down and the skins are clecoes on.
Zenith Cruzer We've started drilling all the holes in the spar. Again, it's so much faster with two people. This is were we realized two of the aft ribs were in the wrong location and switched them out.
Zenith Cruzer Lunch time...
Zenith Cruzer After lunch we drilled the front skins to the ribs.
Zenith Cruzer Then we added the top skins and dilled all the holes.
Zenith Cruzer Done. Next is the leading edge skins and then the skin stiffeners and then this wing will be ready to debur, prime, and rivet.

We've been in the garage all day. We decided it would be a good a idea to call it a day and head to Red Lobster!