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Zenith Cruzer Even though this piece is already match drilled from the factory, I clecoed it on and ran the drill through the holes just to make it easier later to insert the rivets.
Zenith Cruzer The side skin was scuffed...
Zenith Cruzer ...then primed. From the aft part of the rear window forward, I only sprayed a very light coat of primer. This whole area will get primed again with epoxy primer and paint.
Zenith Cruzer All the L angles were scuffed and primed.
Zenith Cruzer Then I riveted the L angles to the skin.
Zenith Cruzer Next I wanted to debur all the holes on the bottom skin and scuff and prime the parts. I had nowhere to store this side panel so I layed it out in the grass to make room in the garage.

The upper longeron is not riveted on yet. It gets cut and trimmed later, then riveted. I just clecoed it on to stiffen the side skin.

The bottom skin in now primed and tomorrow I will prime the L angles and rivet the bottom together.