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Zenith 750 Cruzer Fitting the dual fuel pumps.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Each pump comes in a box with parts.
Zenith 750 Cruzer I was trying to do an inventory, but none of the parts are labeled so I have no idea what they are.
Zenith 750 Cruzer This assembly is ready to install. The mounting plate was already fit and drilled to the firewall.

I don't have the tool to clamp the clamps on the blue hose but I can reach the clamps even with the engine mount installed so I can do it later.

Zenith 750 Cruzer Looks great!
Zenith 750 Cruzer This is the mount that the battery sits on. I'm using bolts borrowed off the F-16 instead of the rivets. It's only temp mounted because I'm going to paint it white.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Engine mount just placed on the firewall to admire! It actually gets mounted to the engine first and then the whole thing gets mounted to the firewall.