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Zenith Cruzer Dad and I started out by gathering all the vertical stab parts and deburred them and edge finished them. While I was edge finishing, dad was deburring.
Zenith Cruzer Rounding sharp corners.
Zenith Cruzer Next we trimmed the bottom of the vert stab skin. With absolutely NO instructions from Zenith we aren't sure how to proceed with the stab. I'll need to send a list of questions to Zenith. 
Zenith Cruzer We moved on to the horiz stab. We clecoed it together and then riveted the doublers and ribs.
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer This section is complete!
Zenith Cruzer Next it was time to fit the skin and drill the holes for the elevator hinge.
Zenith Cruzer Dad clecoing the skin.
Zenith Cruzer Rear spar is riveted together along with all the ribs.
Zenith Cruzer Done!