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Zenith Cruzer I've been putting off fitting the steel cage for a week now because I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to go about it. With nothing else to do, today was time to get this done.

First I cut a paper template to get the correct angle. It took me 3 tries to get it perfect.

Zenith Cruzer Here you can see the angle fits perfectly.
Zenith Cruzer I held the paper parallel to the top of the tube, and then traced the angle...
Zenith Cruzer Once I had a line on the steel...
Zenith Cruzer I cut it with my Dremel. I was going to go buy a larger cutter but I figured I'd see how the Dremel worked first. I'm glad I saved the money because it worked perfectly.
Zenith Cruzer Here is the first cut.
Zenith Cruzer After cutting all four corners and trimming as needed, IT'S ON!!!
Zenith Cruzer Now it's looking like an airplane!
Zenith Cruzer Firewall is set in place.
Zenith Cruzer Really looking nice.
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer The angle looks good too!
Zenith Cruzer The holes along the side are drilled.
Zenith Cruzer I'm not sure what I would do if my garage roof was 1" lower! There's not much room to spare here.