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Zenith Cruzer With all of the holes drilled on the top of the wing I flipped it over to day to finished up some things on the bottom.

So in the pic here, the wing is upside down.

Notice the space between the spar extension and the skin. Zenith made this spar extension with out holes so I can match drill them to my skin, but the spar extension is slightly shorter than the spar. So there is a space between the extension and skin.

Zenith Cruzer Here's another pic where the gap is visible. The gap was actually quite small and looks larger in the photos.
Zenith Cruzer The nice thing about building the RV-7 is that it came with a bunch of scrap aluminum of different thicknesses.
Zenith Cruzer I cut a piece to fit between the spar extension and skin.
Zenith Cruzer Then I inserted it before I drilled the holes. Now they are all match drilled and you can see there is no more space between the spar and skin.
Zenith Cruzer Next I moved onto the strut attachment. With the "OK" from Zenith I notched the aluminum angle because it did not fit under the strut attachment and the skin.
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer Then I clamped this bracket to the L and drilled the holes to Number 40 while it was all clamped and mounted to the wing.

I drilled two of the holes, inserted the silver cleco and took it off the wing to drill the other holes. After I drilled them all to #40 I opened them all up to #30.

Zenith Cruzer As I removed the last silver cleco to open it's hole to #30 I saw this! It boggles my mind how this happened! I'm thinking the drill bit slipped out of the holes when I match drilled it and I didn't notice. 

But oh well...I'll order two new parts from Zenith and move on. It will only take a few minutes to make the new ones and then this wing is ready for disassembly, scuffing, priming, and riveting!