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Zenith Cruzer I riveted these parts yesterday, but you can see the beefy angle that riveted to the inside of the rear fuse upright.
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer This is the rear wing spar attach plate. Three bolts and a million A6 rivets.
Zenith Cruzer Both sides done.
Zenith Cruzer Here's looking up inside the aft fuselage right behind the rear baggage bulkhead. You can see my antenna plate stiffener riveted to the top skin and to the angle.
Zenith Cruzer Looking from the top. Antenna is just held in position for photo.
Zenith Cruzer Next step was to fit this flap motor bracket. I had to file the ends for it to fit nicely.
Zenith Cruzer Match drilled from the bottom and opened up to #20. This and some other steel parts are ready for powder coating. I'm going to have them coated in gloss white. The control stick will be black (or maybe chromed!)
Zenith Cruzer Lots of drilling for these parts. Anyway, both sides are complete.
Zenith Cruzer Here's the blocks primed and with the nylon bearings. I can't install these until I get the steel parts powder coated.