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Zenith Cruzer Here's the left wing flipped upside down and with the skins removed.
Zenith Cruzer Everything gets disassembled and debured, scuffed up, and primed.

Notice the spar is already primed. I primed it a month ago or so but I would recommend waiting to prime it until after the wing is built and match drilled. This will prevent little scratches in the primer from the building and match drilling process. I have a few little spots to touch up with primer on the spar.

Zenith Cruzer All of these parts are now deburred and ready for scuffing, cleaning, and priming.

See the wing skins on the left side of the pic? They are sitting on top of the right wing that's on the floor. Those are all deburred and edge finished and ready for primer too!!

Zenith Cruzer All of these parts are deburred and ready too!
Zenith Cruzer Look what I got today! I ordered 30 feet of 3/8" O.D. fuel tubing, a tubing bender, a flairing tool, and the fittings for the fuel tank and fuel lines!

If you want to replace the rubber Zenith fuel hose with aluminum fuel lines, I've listed all the parts you will need along with part numbers on the ZenithOwner.com forum. View Thread Here.