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Zenith 750 Cruzer This is my new ACK Technologies ELT. It transmits on 406MHz and also the old 121.5.
Zenith 750 Cruzer You have to pay attention to where you mount the ELT, and in the 750 there are not many places to mount it. You definitely don't want to just mount it to the bottom skin. In fact, the instruction manual specifically tells you not to do that!

I have come up with a design that is rock solid. I sort of designed the mount in my head, and then got the parts together that I would need. The top Z bracket shown here is an extra RV-7 fuel tank attachment I had left over from the RV.

If you are going to mount your ELT in a similar fashion as I did, you can order the bracket from Vans Aircraft, of you can just rivet two angle pieces together as I did on the front bracket.

The long angle you see on the bottom of the pic is 1/16" thick and 1" x 1". This was purchased from Home Depot so never use something like this for anything structural, but for the ELT mount it works great.

Zenith 750 Cruzer Here is the rear bracket after I cut it down and drilled the holes.
Zenith 750 Cruzer This location is on the passenger side of the fuselage, right behind the flap motor. You can see here how that the Z bracket attaches to the floor and also the L stringer.

(You can also see here the other brackets I made to hold the wires in the fuselage. The grey cable for the elevator trim is held securely, and the other hole with the grommet is for the wire coming from the beacon which I have yet to wire. This log page shows how I made those brackets.)

Zenith 750 Cruzer Here the two-piece front bracket is getting fit and drilled. You can see the ELT mounting tray and how it mounts on top of the brackets.
Zenith 750 Cruzer This shows the bottom of the fuselage with the two brackets clecoed in place.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Aft bracket riveted.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Front bracket is primed and assembled.
Zenith 750 Cruzer  
Zenith 750 Cruzer The front and rear brackets are riveted in place. Note that the front bracket is riveted to the two fuselage stringers (shown circled in blue) and then it has three rivets in the middle (shown circled in red)
Zenith 750 Cruzer Here they are both riveted in place.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Another view.
Zenith 750 Cruzer The ELT tray is riveted with A5 rivets to the brackets. DON'T FORGET to include the two metal straps shown here!
Zenith 750 Cruzer Here is the A5 rivet.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Done!
Zenith 750 Cruzer With the ELT in place, this whole mount is rock solid. The biggest tip I can give you is to mount your ELT before you finish your fuselage. Mount your ELT as soon as your bottom fuselage skin is complete. It was VERY difficult climbing in to the access hatch and working inside.

I'm rather thin, and I've seen some you guys walking around Oshkosh....let's just say that some of you won't fit inside the access hatch to do this LOL!

Zenith 750 Cruzer Here you can see the location right behind the flap motor.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Close up.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Close up.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Installation complete. Another thing to think about early in your build is where you are going to locate the ELT antenna. I would like to mount mine on the top aft part of the fuselage but now that it's all closed up, I can't reach back there.

So I'm probably going to have to mount mine on the left side of the fuselage across from the comm antenna.