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Zenith Cruzer Today is one of those days where I just don't know what to do. It seems like everything I want to work on I can't do until something else gets done. It's an endless circle.

So I just did something easy. I installed the control stick and I will start working on the elevator control cables.

Zenith Cruzer I'm not installing any cotter pins yet because I'm not sure what will need to come apart later for adjustments. I might even have to take the control system out once I start running fuel lines through the center console.
Zenith Cruzer Silky smooth!
Zenith Cruzer Next step is to learn how to build the control cables.
Zenith Cruzer The last thing I did today was assemble the pulley brackets for the elevator control cables.
Zenith Cruzer This pulley will be under the vertical stab so no one will ever see the cool graphics, but it was just something fun to put on here.
Zenith Cruzer I had to make mine fancy by putting "Zenith Cruzer" on it with vinyl graphics!