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Zenith Cruzer Today I've made a few L brackets and match drilled them. Don't have any pics.

Here I'm drilling the landing gear supports. I drilled one and fit it inside the fuse. Then I drilled the second one and realized I could just match drill them all together instead of marking each one. So there are three here being drilled.

Zenith Cruzer The one on the bottom is finished. The others still need to be match drilled in the fuse. The two top ones also need the corners rounded and the edges sanded smooth (something most builders don't do!)
Zenith Cruzer This is the right side, but both the L and R side are 100% done! All holes are drilled to size and everything is match drilled to the fuse. These two steel parts are ready for sand blasting. I'll save them for later though as I'll take the rudder pedals and other parts at the same time.
Zenith Cruzer While the fwd fuse is clecoed together, I thought I'd prepare these door seal stiffeners. They come with the one bend in them (see bottom piece in pic) and it's required to make two more bends.
Zenith Cruzer You can see here how it fits on the door seal.
Zenith Cruzer The aft end sticks out so it will need trimmed.
Zenith Cruzer Here's what it looks like after the edge was trimmed...
Zenith Cruzer To make the bends I placed the piece in a vise and made sure it was 90 degrees to the jaws so the bend would be straight.
Zenith Cruzer Fits perfectly!
Zenith Cruzer Holes are drilled at 30mm spacing.
 Zenith Cruzer I still need to drill the forward holes yet, but I'm off to the EAA chapter 113 meeting tonight!