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Zenith Cruzer Here's my fuel return line...or my attempt at it anyway.
Zenith Cruzer It looks nice running through my custom brackets....
Zenith Cruzer But the line is too short! I guess this one was a practice one. I can't make a new one today because the good quality tubing bender I bought from Aircraft Spruce is a piece of poorly constructed shit.

It will not make a bend without denting and scratching the tube. I'll have to send this one back to Spruce and buy a different brand.

Zenith Cruzer See the angled part of the fuel cap? Because of this, the cap will not fit through the hole and sit flush with the skin. The hole in the skin needs to be opened up about 1/8" all around.
Zenith Cruzer After opening the hole, the cap now sits flush.
Zenith Cruzer This is the aft tank support bracket. It is suppose to be riveted between the top of the rear spar, and the skin. If done this way, then there will be a slight bump in the skin which is stupid.

I'm mounting mine under the spar. This way there will be no bump in the skin.

Zenith Cruzer In order to hold it in place when the top skin is riveted on, I used two flush rivets to hold it to the bottom of the top spar flange.
Zenith Cruzer Now the skin will sit perfectly on the rear spar.
Zenith Cruzer Added the cork on top of the tank. I also flushed the tank with gasoline. When I dumped the gas out, it was BLACK!

I'm going to flush it again tomorrow but I need more gas. Then I should be able to permanently install the tank and attach the return fuel line.

I also ordered pitot/static line from Steinair today. Once that is routed, I'll rivet the top skins.

Then I'll need to fit the wingtips, and build up the root skins and it's done. Yeah!!