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Zenith Cruzer I started today by working on the wingtip thinking I could easily get this done in one day.

As you can see the plastic wingtips require a lot of cutting to trim up.

Zenith Cruzer Here's the aft piece mostly done. When I went to fit this piece, I realized that I can't fit it until the wing trailing edge is on. I can't install the trailing edge until the wing is riveted so I'll wait on the wingtips.
Zenith Cruzer So then I moved on to thinking I could finish up this leading edge corner skin. The skin gets clecoed or riveted to the bottom of the wing (as seen here) and then folded up and around.

Once I folded it up and around the fit was so bad that there is no way I can use this skin! Zenith tried to precut it but they just aren't even close.

My plan now is to get some of that thin poster cardboard and make a template and then make my own skin. That way it will be custom fit and will match perfectly. I didn't get any photos of how bad this skin fits, but it was bad!

I did make this little clip that goes on the leading edge.

Zenith Cruzer As you can see here I drilled holes in it, then cut slots to make tabs so it can be bent to match the curve of the wing.
Zenith Cruzer Here it is drilled to the rib.
Zenith Cruzer Just to kill some time, I match drilled the access plate to the bottom of the wing.
Zenith Cruzer Then I countersunk the holes...
Zenith Cruzer ...so that I can use countersunk screws. I think it will just look nicer than having big screw heads poking out into the wind. Surely I will pick up an additional 25 mph in cruise with my flush screws!