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Zenith Cruzer I'm doing something easy today. I'm installing the nutplates on the aft inspection holes.

Yes the nutplate goes on the inside-but you first have to use it as a template to drill the holes!

Zenith Cruzer First I drilled all the holes where the screw goes through with a #27 drill bit so that a 6/32 screw will fit.

These are K1000-6 nutplates for 6/32 screws. I insert a screw from inside and screw on the nutplate just about 2 turns. Drill one hole then cleco it.

While it's clecod, drill the other hole.

Zenith Cruzer Make sure you debur the inside and outside.
Zenith Cruzer I'm using a dimpling tool to make the dimples because I am using flush rivets so that the access cover sits flush with the fuse skin.
Zenith Cruzer You must also dimple the nutplates!
Zenith Cruzer You'll need some of these rivets.
Zenith Cruzer BAM! Looks awesome and now the cover will sit perfectly on the fuse skin.
Zenith Cruzer Just the inside.