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Zenith Cruzer The front skins are on and drilled.
Zenith Cruzer I put the firewall on just to see how closely it matches the curve of the skins. It fits very nicely!
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer I really need to get the steel cage cut, fit and drilled. I just didn't feel like doing it today.
Zenith Cruzer Here's a window opening I cut out so that I can inspect the flight control nuts during preflight. Without the addition of this window, there is no way to inspect the nuts and bolts (other than unscrewing the large bottom opening.)
Zenith Cruzer I'll flip this bolt around so that the nut is facing forward. With some torque stripe on the nut, I'll be able to inspect it every preflight to make sure it's still tight.

I ordered 1/16" clear Lexan to make the window.

Zenith Cruzer I worked a little this evening and got the right side landing gear weldment drilled.
Zenith Cruzer All of these holes get opened up to either 3/16" or 1/4".
Zenith Cruzer Tomorrow I'll finish drilling the left side and then there's more holes underneath to drill yet. Maybe I'll get all that done tomorrow!