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Zenith Cruzer Last night when I got home from work I primed the L angles and started riveting them to the top skin. I finished that today.

I didn't rivet this one diagonal angle and antenna stiffener plate until the top skin is on the fuse. I think it might be easier to slide the baggage back between the stiffener and top. But...this is where the antenna goes.

Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer Behind the antenna is the beacon. The lense is clear, but the LED beacon is red.
Zenith Cruzer Next I needed to make some way to hold the elevator trim wire in the fuselage. So, it was off to the scrap bin again for some aluminum. I very carefully chose the correct thickness by holding it up and saying, "yep that looks about right..."

Then I cut the piece in half.

Zenith Cruzer I am going to rivet the little tabs to the inside of the vertical L angles on the side of the fuse. I bent my tabs with the same radius as the L angles. This was very scientific how I did this. See next step...
Zenith Cruzer I got a piece of scrap wood and a piece of sandpaper and sanded a curve on the wood until it 'looked' right. This took about 4 seconds...

Then I clamped it in a vise and bent it over.

Zenith Cruzer Repeated the above steps two more times until I had three tabs. Now I just need to get three grommets and enlarge the little holes.
Zenith Cruzer Here they are ready to install.
Zenith Cruzer The elevator trim wire goes through a grommet in each bulkhead.
Zenith Cruzer You can see the wire on the bottom right corner going through the tabs. The string is simulating the rudder cables. I needed the string to see if the wire was in the way of the rudder cable.
Zenith Cruzer Here's the string going out the rudder cable hole, and the wire going up into the bulkhead.