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Zenith Cruzer I finally marked the main gear for the locations that will need ground out for the mounting bolts. I don't have a grinder bit yet so that will have to wait.
Zenith Cruzer The fork I built on September 15, 2016 (visit log page) but today I drilled the large holes on the bottom for the axle.
Zenith Cruzer I used a step drill and the holes came out perfectly. I wanted to put the wheel on just to check the fit but the bearings won't go over the threads on the axle. I'm guessing I might need to get a sanding block and go over the threads to knock down high spots.
Zenith Cruzer Here is the main wheel ready to go. At some point, I'd like to paint the aluminum wheel white.
Zenith Cruzer I did this part yesterday, but I poured into the main steel cage some of this ACF-50 anti-corrosion spray.
Zenith Cruzer I poured the spray in the tubes and then rotated the whole cage until the tube was coated. Then I let it sit in each direction for a while until the extra ran out the bottom and soaked into the rags.

The cage is now ready to install but I want to wait until I have a second pair of hands so that I can install it without scratching the painted inside of the fuse.