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Zenith Cruzer As per Roger's recommendation, I'm drilling out this main spar attachment hole now before the wing is assembled.

I wanted the hole perfect so I leveled the spar and drilled it out with the drill press.

Zenith Cruzer I used a few different drill bits to work up to the 3/16" final size.
Zenith Cruzer Here's an AN6 bolt sitting nicely in the hole.
Zenith Cruzer Next task is to rivet the spar extension to the spar. The two 3/16" bolts are there just to hold it all together while riveting. There's no nuts on the bolts. One could also use 3/16" gold clecos but the bolts are a little more accurate than clecos. 
Zenith Cruzer Just another pic. I didn't rivet them yet as I was rushing out for evening plans...