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Zenith Cruzer I'm starting on the nose gear so I can get the holes drilled and then have the strut chrome plated.

The first step was to layout the holes in the bottom of the steel strut and drill the 6 holes.

I propped the nose strut up off the workbench with some scrap aluminum to get it centered on the fork.

Zenith Cruzer Here's the 6 holes drilled in the outter fork.
Zenith Cruzer I clamped the forks together so that I can match drill the holes.
Zenith Cruzer Done.
Zenith Cruzer Now they get opened up to 1/4" in steps...
Zenith Cruzer When I drilled a hole I put a bolt in it to make sure the two pieces stay aligned.
Zenith Cruzer I like these regular nuts because I can re-use them a million times.
Zenith Cruzer Here the forks are bolted tightly together with 1/4" bolts and the bottom four holes are drilled.

The final step was to edge finish the edges on the scotch bright wheel and prime and paint the forks.