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Zenith Cruzer I wanted to get the tail up off the ground so I made this stand with junk wood I had laying around.
Zenith Cruzer Now I'm able to cleco on the horiz stab because soon I will be working on installing the elevator control cables.
Zenith Cruzer These two holes are for the brake lines. Instead of grommets I used these nice snap bushings. They are from my RV-7 kit and once the hole is drilled, sort of snap into place.
Zenith Cruzer Brake lines...
Zenith Cruzer This is my parking brake mount I designed.
Zenith Cruzer The parking brake gets bolted to the first piece, and the second piece has a hole where the brake line will go through, and then higher up a hole will be drilled to secure the parking brake push/pull control.

This is about as far as I can go right now before I mount it. I don't yet know exactly how far forward or aft to mount it so that it does not interfere with the fuel lines.

I'll have to wait until I run the fuel lines and then position the parking brake and rivet it to the floor.

Zenith Cruzer Here's looking from back to front. A rubber grommet will go in the large hole where the brake line goes through.