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Zenith Cruzer I finally started running the brake lines. Here they attached to the master cylinders, and then routed between the rudder pedals.

I am installing the optional center console so the lines will be hidden under the console.

See the blue painters tape in the pic? I put that there to cover the space between the floor and the channel piece that the rudder pedals sit in so that when I drill holes in the firewall, little shavings won't get caught in the space. Once the holes are drilled, I'll remove the tape.

Zenith Cruzer I thougt about using steel lines here as some people do, but I've used these lines on two other airplanes and they really do work great. Plus, they are lighter than steel lines so I might as well use them. Saves me money too!

I ordered longer bolts because I am using these clamps to hold each of the brake lines.

I love these clamps! I can't tell you how I got them, but they are off of the F-16. They are light weight and fit the lines perfectly. They are shown crooked here in the pic because the nuts on the bolts aren't tightened yet.

Zenith Cruzer I am filing the corners down on the parts you will see below...
Zenith Cruzer Since I am also installing an optional parking brake, I needed to design and build a mount for it.
Zenith Cruzer This is the piece that will hold the brake...
Zenith Cruzer I drilled a hole in it, and then used the brake itself as a template to drill the other hole.
Zenith Cruzer You can see that I then made two side pieces out of scrap L angle.

I also made the support piece shown here to hold the push/pull cable that will actually actuate the parking brake.

Zenith Cruzer Here's the back. I had to trim the bottom of the rubber grommet. All of the pieces are ready for primer and paint.

You will see how it all goes together in the next update.