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Zenith Cruzer I'm really being held up right now waiting on my new Spar extension from Zenith. There's not much I can do until I get them.

I worked on fitting this aluminum strip today. It's a splice between the top wing skin and the inboard part of the skin that meets the fuselage.

It starts out as a straight piece that's slightly bent.

Zenith Cruzer By adding a series of flutes it starts to bend to conform to the airfoil.
Zenith Cruzer Here it is inserted between the skins and rib. I don't want to drill it until the top spar holes are drilled and I can't drill those until I get my spar extensions!

Mostly what I've been doing the last few days is deburring and edge finishing all the parts and skins for the other wing. That way once this right wing is done the left wing will be ready to cleco and drill.