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Zenith Cruzer I think one of the difficult things about building a Zenith kit is poor directions. There's no order to the "manual" so you kind of have to think about what order things need done.

I was working on the top window, but after watching the HomeBuilt Help DVD, it looks like I might want to wait until the front windshield is on. But I can't put that on until the cage, panel, firewall, and top skin are ready to install.

I can't install the cage until I remove it and spray Corrosion X on the inside. And in order to install the top skin, I need to make the four L brackets that go under the skin. I tried to do this a while ago when it was all on the plane, but one person can't do it because I can't hold the bracket under the skin and at the same time be on the outside to drill the holes through the skin.

To make the L brackets, I decided to build the front of the plane 'off' of the plane. So here you see the panel, firewall, and top skin assembled.

Zenith Cruzer Unfortunately for me, Zenith was not very careful when they fluted the panel and firewall because some of the flutes are extremely close to the holes.

As you can see here, I've had to cut the corner off the L and also bend the end to fit around the flute.

Zenith Cruzer At the bottom where it attaches under the firewall, the hole is about halfway up the flute! Look carefully at this photo and you can see that I cut a slot in the L, and then bent the end up and around the flute.

This lets it sit flush with the skin.

Zenith Cruzer The two side L's also have to be fluted because in this area the skin is curved. I fluted this L and got it perfect the first try! Pure luck but it fits to the curve of the skin absolutely perfectly. Tomorrow I'll do the other side and probably screw it up.