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Zenith Cruzer No pics but the bottom is riveted. Now we are fitting the top of the front skins and riveting them.
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer It's a job getting the holes to line up again.
Zenith Cruzer Dad is starting the riveting...
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer Tomorrow we will rivet the flaperon brackets, and then work on fitting the fuel tank. We will also build a saw horse so we can get the other wing off the floor and work on it's fuel system at the same time.
Zenith Cruzer  
Zenith Cruzer The next few pics are just random shots since in 5 years I'll probably wonder what the inside of the wing looks like. Shown here is a wing skin stiffener.
Zenith Cruzer This is the access hole to get to the fuel return line.
Zenith Cruzer Fuel tank bay. Tomorrow we will cut strips of cork as that's what the fuel tank sits on.