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Zenith Cruzer This is going to be a big update. Since I've moved, I've been working on the Cruzer but my computer hasn't been hooked up to the internet so I haven't posted many updates.

First, I painted the forward interior of the fuselage. For a write up on how I did this, view this thread on the ZenithOwner.com forum.


Zenith Cruzer I'm very happy with the results. I also like that the paint matches the powder coating color exactly.
Zenith Cruzer These are the forward fuse stiffeners. I painted them separate and will install them after the firewall is installed.
Zenith Cruzer I drilled this hole in the two fuselage side interior parts. These are the covers that cover the aileron pushrods.
Zenith Cruzer As seen from outside the plane, the hole will let me put a wrench on the bolt from inside the plane, and a wrench on the nut from the outside.
Zenith Cruzer I also modified the top of each side. I cut away this part so that it fits flat against the fuselage.
Zenith Cruzer You can see how the cutout goes around the seat belt attachment which is the part that is riveted on (right side of pic).
Zenith Cruzer With the interior painted, I can now install the rudder pedals. The rudder pedals are powder coated black and the little brackets attached to the floor are painted black.
Zenith Cruzer I painted the hinges, but I'm not sure if that was good or not...
Zenith Cruzer ...as you can see, the paint already got scraped off on the corner. I should have mounted the aluminum petal about 1/16" higher so that it doesn't rub on the hinge.

Who knows, my feet might rub on the hinge too and rub the paint off.

Zenith Cruzer These are the loops for the rudder cables.
Zenith Cruzer Currently I'm working on fitting the top window.
Zenith Cruzer Once the top window is on, I'll remove it and the cage. The cage I thought was ready to rivet on, but I'm going to remove it and spray Corrosion X on the inside of the tubes. Then I can rivet the cage, and fit the front windshield.