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Zenith Cruzer There's not too much I can do today. I need to prime some parts but it's too cold and windy outside. If I'm going to prime inside, then I need to hang some plastic in the garage to form a crude paint booth. Some parts were primed previously so I started clecoing the rudder together. I don't have the special riveting tools from Zenith yet, but it's ready to go once they arrive.
Zenith Cruzer I also started clecoing the elevators together since most of the parts are primed and ready. In fact the only part that isn't ready is the trim tab hinge.

I started looking at this trim tab set up. I want to paint the elevators separate from the trim tab. The way this is built, I can't do that because there's no way to get the long rod or pin back into the hinge once the hinge half is riveted into the elevator.

I inserted a #40 drill bit into the hinge and pressed it against the rib to make a mark on the rib...

Zenith Cruzer ...then I took the rib out and drilled a #30 hole where the mark was. Now, I'll be able to paint the elevator and trim tab separately and then slide the hinge pin in through this hole in the rib to connect the trim tab. 
Zenith Cruzer A little touch up primer and it will be ready to install.